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What stage were you at when you entered Cleantech Innovate?

We participated at Cleantech Innovate 2018 when our company was just at pre-seed stage and prior to product launch. Since then, we have not only secured further seed funding, but we also have achieved significant commercial milestones and launched our product.

How did you find the Cleantech Innovate experience?

I had received an invitation to apply to the event because AirEx was previously one of the awardees of the Innovate UK Energy Game Changer award. I was very pleased to find out we secured a place to pitch at Cleantech Innovate after having been shortlisted by such a high-quality judging panel. At the event the room was filled with investors – at least 100 people listened to our presentation – whilst we also had the opportunity to exhibit all day.

Were you successful in securing funding?

The connections with new investors turned out to be very fruitful: we immediately raised £75k of seed funding within two months of the event and also engaged further investors, with some of whom we are currently negotiating an investment deal.

We also had a chance to engage with fellow innovators on the event: we are likely to form a strategic partnership with one of them!

Would you recommend others to enter Cleantech Innovate?

Whether you are fundraising, looking for partnerships, or looking to widen your networks, I can warmly recommend Cleantech Innovate to all start-ups in this sector!