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Any enterprise that wants to be successful must have a commercially robust business model, which is laser focused on the market it aims to serve. This workshop will enable you to understand business models that deliver success and how to choose one that fits your enterprise to enable exponential commercial growth and environmental benefit.


29th April 2019

Further Dates to be Announced Shortly!


11am to 5.30pm (with optional networking drinks).

Workshop objectives:

The session will combine ‘teaching’ style learning with interactive workshop engagement where you get to work on your own business model. This will enable you to:

  • View your current business model in the context of successful cleantech enterprises
  • Understand what you could do better
  • Gain a structured approach to developing alternative business models
  • Bridge the ‘valley of death’ that all innovative businesses must cross

The key outcome you will leave the workshop with are new business models which you can test.

We will give you:

  • 4 case studies of successful cleantech enterprises who’ve used business models to flourish
  • 12 business model types most applicable to cleantech enterprises
  • 3 business models which should fit specifically to your enterprises’ needs

About you

You have a technology or service that has the potential to deliver fantastic financial returns and positive environmental impact. The challenge you face is how do you go mainstream?

The challenge

What often slows the growth of cleantech enterprises is not how clever their solution is, but the commercial challenge of breaking into markets which are resistant to innovation. There is also the connected difficulty of competing for the limited pots of funding and investment available.

Business Model definition

For this workshop, we define a business model as how money is generated; particularly focusing on how your target market buys from your enterprise and how you manage the margins. The business model is the part of your business plan that shows how you map and deliver your growth.

Adam Woodhall

John Henry Looney

About us

Adam Woodhall

Adam is a start-up growth specialist with expertise in strategy, storytelling and sustainability alongside a deep intuitive understanding of what generates growth. He is dedicated to helping clients understand their key audiences and develop their business narratives to resonate with these audiences.

He has consulted with over 100 clients in sustainability, delivered hundreds of workshops and trained thousands of people, using compelling communications and behavioural insights.

John Henry Looney

John Henry combines his technical, business and project management skills to deliver solutions that result in both engineering and behavioural business improvements. He has delivered many extensive and detailed technical energy generation, environmental engineering and built environment projects in over 30 countries.

He teaches at MSc Level at the University of Bristol on Environmental Assessment, Engineering and Management.