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What stage were you at?

Emsol was at the seed stage conceptualising the technology and designing the user journey before the March 2018 Cleantech 2018 programme. Smiling Barracurda (, works closely with John Spindler of Capital Enterprise, believed we would be a great fit, matched us up with the event.

How did you find the Cleantech Innovate experience?

We had a very positive experience at the event. Emsol found the pre-workshop was especially useful as participants were able to run through our presentations before the final pitch. The high-quality pitches by all companies set the tone for a great event. Despite, the space to display our equipment and to meet was small, we found it useful to have a base for one-to-one discussions.

Were you successful in securing funding?

Emsol were successful in securing investment funding very quickly after the event. We believe if we were not given the opportunity to present against other businesses within the Cleantech space, the context of what we offer could not be appreciated and the difference we offer compared to so many other amazing businesses and concepts. So, having a pre-qualified event and others in the sector makes it a great place for investors to consider and compare. As, any investment was already pre-qualified it was then a matter to knowing more about the team and business model

Would you recommend others to enter Cleantech Innovate?

Cleantech innovate is definitely an event Emsol would recommend to similar businesses. The event is an important opportunity for businesses to practice and compare to other businesses within the sector to raise their game and create a great business mode.