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Evoco is shaped by a desire to preserve the natural environment without compromising quality. We’ve developed renewable technologies including Bounce, a high-performance replacement to petrochemical-based foams such as Polyurethane. It is designed with up to 74% renewable bio content reducing our carbon impact by 400% without any loss of performance.

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We design, develop and manufacture pioneering cosmetics formula that converts surplus fruit waste/byproducts into sustainable, affordable products.

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Loowatt has developed a waterless flush toilet and sanitation solution for global markets. Our technology has provided a great toilet experience to 250,000+ customers. We offer the marvel of a flush toilet without the water, capturing waste for value-generating treatment. We have proudly processed >300 tons of waste in utility-run facilities that generate energy.

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Petit Pli

Petit Pli embeds a patent-pending technology in clothes, allowing them to grow to fit children aged 9 months – 4 years. Petit Pli’s solution streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing emissions and waste generated in the garment industry at point of production, distribution and after purchase & proliferates sustainable purchasing behaviours.

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TIPA’s compostable packaging solutions have the same end-of-life as organic matter, while still offering consumers and brands the durability, transparency and shelf life they have come to expect from conventional plastics

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Deep Branch Bio

Deep Branch Bio

We transform carbon dioxide into protein. Using a proprietary gas fermentation process, we can take carbon dioxide directly from industrial gas and generate sustainable single cell protein for use in animal feed. Our technology is scalable and has multiple emitters and feed producers wanting to trial.

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Game-changing technology to grow high quality staple food crops almost anywhere globally with minimum inputs (eg 5% water consumption) and maximum yields (circa 20-fold). It is a smart, soil-less system that feeds roots with nutrient rich fog, overcoming the limitations & challenges of current farming to meet expected food shortages/demand.

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Climate Edge

Climate Edge is developing the Farm Tracker platform. Farm Tracker delivers novel agricultural research to the 500 million smallholder farmers in the world who have the greatest potential to feed the world by 2050, but are currently the least served by AgTech developers.

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Multibox manufactures insect protein and insect fat. These are new, sustainable animal feed ingredients. We feed the Black Soldier Fly Larvae food waste and by-products of food and drinks manufacturing processes. We then extract the protein and fat from the larvae thereby reducing food waste and producing sustainable proteins.

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RootWave improves health and the environment by zapping weeds with zero chemicals and offers a sustainable and scalable alternative to chemical herbicides which are under significant pressure from resistance, regulation and litigation.

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Steam-e has patented cordless technology that produces heated water/steam. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, its chemical-free, low water-usage products are aimed at two markets:a steam cleaner for the commercial cleaning sector completely sanitising touch surfaces; a unit for controlling weeds to replace the use of herbicide glyphosate.


Water Powered Technologies

Through Uk Innovate Energy Catalyst Support, we installed and operated in a live site the world’s largest zero energy water pump to prove the concept of distributed micro pumped hydro power Now globally patented the new pumping system can help farmers and communities to store water for food and power

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Addionics Ltd

Unique new types of battery electrodes are fabricated by Addionics. These are three-dimensional and designed to improve battery capacity, energy density, power, cycle-life, heat dissipation and safety which would offer significant advantage to existing battery technology and that produced in the UK

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Air Razor-100


Aviation is being forced to address emissions Drag over large surfaces has significant impact on economy and emissions Our new technology significantly reduces drag over wings, etc , provides smoother air flow, reduces turbulence, etc Exploration in rail suggests 10% – 15% saving, forecasts suggest 25% – 30% in aviation.

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Esoterix creates smart city tools for the discovery, design and operation of extensions to the public transport network, from the data-mining of new bus routes through to the operation of 1st/last mile services. Its aim is to make it easier and more attractive to undertake door-to-door journeys using shared transport.

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Meteor Power

Significantly reduce drag and improve efficiency for aerospace, automotive and rail environments through the use of new state change materials to provide active aerodynamics, controlled electrically rather than mechanically, giving cheaper and easier transport integration for all type of vehicles.

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Signol is a new scalable software which uses smarter employee feedback to cut fuel waste and greenhouse gas emissions whilst improving job satisfaction. Signol builds upon our world-class behavioural science research where we saved Virgin Atlantic Airways $5.5m in 8 months and demonstrated the lowest ever abatement cost for carbon.

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Appy Parking

The Parking Platform™ works for local governments to manage their kerbside while providing an API for use in the private sector The data gives drivers an advanced understanding of parking at the destination making access easier Cities and vehicles combine for the first time, to combat congestion and emissions together.

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Cumulus is approaching commercialisation with the lowest-cost grid-level rechargeable Copper/Zinc battery energy storage. Copper/Zinc complements rather than competes with Lithium-ion, offering a high-energy long-duration (4-6 hour charge and discharge times) storage, ideal for time-shifting electricity generated by renewables to be delivered at the right time.

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Lambda has built a thin film prototype that has increased the efficiency of a solar cell by 2%, upon its application on the rear side of a PV glass panel.

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Origen Power

The process combines a fuel cell with a lime kiln to thermally decompose limestone to lime and CO2 whilst producing electricity. The CO2 produced in the process is pure and can bottled or stored underground. When used, the lime sequesters CO2 from the air, making the process carbon negative.

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Oxford PV

Our lives are becoming electrified. Photovoltaics have a major part to play in providing a sustainable supply of clean, low-cost electricity. Key to enabling photovoltaics to become a core technology in an all-electric future, is perovskite. Our perovskite solar cell technology will enable mainstream solar to break its performance limits.

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OXTO Energy

OXTO Energy has developed an innovative flywheel energy storage system A flywheel is a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. The design allows for working alongside any power application from wind turbines, heavy-industry to EV-charging infrastructure.

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RFC Power

RFC Power is developing the next generation of grid scale energy storage solutions, combining optimised cell architecture and low-cost chemistry in a hybrid gas-liquid redox flow battery. RFC’s hybrid flow battery offers cost savings of up to 70% over existing systems, making long duration energy storage economically attractive.

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AirEx is a smart ventilation control (‘intelligent air-brick’) that reduces heat demand in homes without compromising damp and indoor air quality. It uses AI to predict occupants’ behaviour and weather patterns. It can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption and it pays back in 2-4 years through reduced energy bills.

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Airlite is an air-purifying paint. We’ve embedded nanotechnology to create a healthy paint that through light energy and air humidity, neutralises polluting agents (including NOx) and odours, whilst killing bacteria and mould. Airlite is VOC free, meaning no chemicals; paint with the windows and doors closed and breathe clean air.

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Boxergy will deliver energy independence to uk homes. We will quickly prove heating your home with electricity is cheaper and more comfortable than gas. Our easily retrofittable distributed storage solution is applicable to 85% of homes and will maximise the potential of renewables to meet the UKs domestic energy needs.

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Rapiere enables rapid intelligent analysis of Lifecycle Carbon, Energy and Cost for architectural projects, as well as providing information on the circular economy of the design. Our tool calculates all the impacts from the cradle to the grave of the project using cloud computing to allow rapid building design optimisation.

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Senergy is set to transform the future Solar Hot Water and Heating industry by bringing to market world leading advanced plastic solar thermal panels that can be manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost with a significantly greater collection capability than current metallic solar thermal panels.

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Solar for Schools

Online platform enabling students to develop a solar project on their own school. The platform brings schools, investors and installers together to enable the school to cut its carbon footprint at no cost, while saving money and empowering students to fight climate change.

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