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Global trends in Clean Energy

2016: Paris Agreement has come into effect. Tremendous gains have been made in renewable energy capacity additions in developing as well as industrialised worlds.

We spoke to Robert Hokin, Chief Executive and Managing Partner at Greenbackers Investment Capital (one of our Sponsors)to get his view on the global trends in Clean Energy.

2015 produced a new record for global investment in renewable energy. We expect the trend to continue.We have also noted the uptick of Offshore Wind projects and related supply chain; solar generation price-per-watt closing in on to or reaching parity with fossil generation; the energy storage space becoming more relevant (and more competitive) than ever to improve accessibility, meet peak load demand and renewables intermittency; also a significant growth in cleantech sector-specific accelerators, both private and public-to help support technology development. We’re getting more approaches than ever for innovation start-up funding – not all are investment ready, but that’s where we can help -interesting times!

We at Cleantech Innovate look forward to the coming year with great enthusiasm and optimism. In 2016, we showcased renewable energy technologies by Designergy, Syngas Products Group ltd and Witt Energy, to name a few and are proud to continue in 2017 to be a platform where the best of UK cleantech innovations are showcased for visionary investors, corporate, agencies to engage with and champion.