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RFC Power

RFC Power is developing the next generation of grid scale energy storage solutions, combining optimised cell architecture and low-cost chemistry in a hybrid gas-liquid redox flow battery. RFC’s hybrid flow battery offers cost savings of up to 70% over existing systems, making long duration energy storage economically attractive.

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Origen Power

The process combines a fuel cell with a lime kiln to thermally decompose limestone to lime and CO2 whilst producing electricity. The CO2 produced in the process is pure and can bottled or stored underground. When used, the lime sequesters CO2 from the air, making the process carbon negative.

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AirEx is a smart ventilation control (‘intelligent air-brick’) that reduces heat demand in homes without compromising damp and indoor air quality. It uses AI to predict occupants’ behaviour and weather patterns. It can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption and it pays back in 2-4 years through reduced energy bills.

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Senergy is set to transform the future Solar Hot Water and Heating industry by bringing to market world leading advanced plastic solar thermal panels that can be manufactured and installed at a 50% lower cost with a significantly greater collection capability than current metallic solar thermal panels.

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