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Why did you enter Cleantech Innovate?

Masterfilter’s number one priority as a business in 2018 was obtaining external funding. I learned of Cleantech Innovate and what I particularly liked was, unlike many other pitching opportunities that only give you three minutes to present, we would be given sufficient time to be able to articulate our story in sufficient detail.

How did you find the Cleantech Innovate experience?

The day itself was great. The venue was inspiring and not only did we secure funding by being seen for the first time by an investor there but we were also the beneficiaries of a significantly discounted patent application from one of the event sponsors. A real bonus!

Were you successful in securing funding?

Cleantech Innovate has been the gift that keeps on giving. Twelve months on we will be launching a Series A funding round and it is highly likely that another investment group that we met for the first time at the event will be the lead investor in this round.

The postscript to our story is that through networking I met the owner of a company that participated in Cleantech Innovate 2017. He told me they secured an investor as a direct result of their participation too.

Would you recommend others to enter Cleantech Innovate?

If you have a strong business case and you’re able to clearly articulate the value proposition then, from our experience, the likelihood is that there could well be an investor in the audience that might be interested in joining you on your journey. We’ve discovered that no two investors are alike. They appear to have different investment criteria and appetite for risk, sectors and investment values. From our experience there is a very well represented cross-section of investors that cover this broad spectrum in the Cleantech Innovate audience. I can only say that we’re delighted we made such a great decision.