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Welcome to the Solutions Garden! Hotly anticipated, the Solutions Garden is new for 2019. A ‘quick fire’ pitching area for up to 50 technologies, still reviewed by our judges and deemed worthy of the chance to pitch their idea. A great chance to preview early stage technology ideas and spot potential for support and investment. Read more about the technologies selected to pitch in 2019 below.




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A digital app that stores reward cards in one convenient and accessible location on your phone! No longer will we need to waste plastic and paper printing reward cards for them to end up cluttering up our streets.

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RheEnergise has developed a High-Technology Fluid with a density of 2.5 times that of water. This means 2.5 times the power density and 2.5 times the energy density. Projects are much smaller and less expensive than competing technologies. It provides for larger market, 300% more sites in Europe alone. It also addresses 75% of the world with insufficient rainfall for pumped-hydro, which becomes a new market for the RheEnergise pumped energy storage solution.

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SEab energy

Future cities can eliminate waste collection by integrating micro-anaerobic digestion units to buildings, to produce energy, water and bagged fertiliser onsite. Modular, Patented solution deployed in France, UK, USA and Portugal.

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City Farm Systems

CFS’ CloudGro® technologies make urban farming economically viable. Patents cover the ability to install modular automated greenhouses on lightweight warehouse rooftops as used by retailers, distributors and processors. Growing short cycle crops to order at the point of need offers game changing opportunities to provide better quality produce with no costs of distribution and reduced waste.

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Aeristech has invented a variable speed electric motor technology, “ACT”. An ACT motor is more power-dense than any other and coupled to a compressor wheel it spins at twice the speed of any competing Centrifugal Compressor. The Aeristech compressor delivers affordable air at pressures and in quantities previously believed impossible.

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EMSOL is a leading innovator to solve transport pollution in our cities. Our platform is a real-time monitoring and analytics SaaS engine that is connected to a network of vehicle tracking, air and noise pollution sensors. We enable vehicle operators to provide compliance evidence for the growing regulation around local noise and air quality planning conditions. EMSOL was a 2018 Cleantech Innovate pitched company.

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Providing areas without grid-supplied electricity with 100% renewable off-grid power for charging electric vehicles and other infrastructure, supplied from a dispatchable proprietary system of patented hydroelectric technology, energy storage, and additional renewable generation. This technology will fill gaps in the EV charging infrastructure network that cannot otherwise be filled.  

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Ride-On , is a Mobility company who specialises in Electric Urban Mobility, with a patented universal smart charging and tethering system to control the growth of dockless e-mobility solutions throughout the World. We also have our own patented smart ebikes as part of the product portfolio. 

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Sustainable construction demands better management of social and environmental impact. To achieve this, reliable, efficient tools are needed to make sense of large volumes of data across the range of related fields.

Qflow is a cloud-based platform that enables construction projects to manage their environmental risk and stay compliant with environmental standards.

Qflow brings together machine learning and the Internet of things to holistically capture and analyse environmental data, making it easier to identify and manage risk in construction projects. This drives productivity and cost-savings while enabling a positive impact on the built environment.

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Sustainability Cloud

Concrete is the second most used material in the world behind water. 10 billion tonnes are produced every year with up to 500 million tonnes wasted annually. This comes at a cost of around USD$20 billion and 84 million tonnes of carbon.

The Sustainability Cloud platform offers real time on demand concrete that would normally be destined for landfill. When a delivery has surplus (waste) concrete due to onsite issues the key data is uploaded onto the app and matched to a customer. This reduces waste, lowers disposal cost and provides new revenue for the supplier, while offering a low cost concrete option for customers.

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Chips Board-350

Chip[s] Board

Chip[s] Board is a biomaterial innovation company that aims to find value where others see waste, utilising by-products from food manufacturing.

Currently focusing on potato waste, the team have managed to produce a number of proof-of-concept materials which include a particulate composite board and a bioplastic. Whilst the uses for their materials are countless, Chip[s] Board are actively seeking industrial partnerships to ensure their use within fast moving industries such as visual merchandising, exhibit design, interior design and fashion. These materials whilst still in R&D have begun to be used by selected collaborators including sustainable fashion designers and eye wear manufacturers.

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Biohm is a research and development led company that aims to revolutionise the construction industry by allowing nature to lead innovation.

Biohm have developed a range of 100% natural materials including Mycelium (mushroom-based) Building Insulation, which consumes waste as it grows and Orb (Organic Refuse Biocompound), which combines agricultural and food waste with an organic binder to create a sheet material for use in building and interior architecture.

The company is currently working on developing a Plant-Based Concrete, future living materials and aims to expand their range of Mycelium construction products. All of Biohm’s materials will eventually be combined to form an interlocking construction system known as Triagomy.

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GlobalHom brings a new product design for manufacturing approach to home building. Thanks to the product design background of its founders, the approach focuses on user experience and allows for flexibility, sustainability, and ease of upgrade in its connected smart home approach to future living.

The modular design allows for fast and efficient on-site assembly, while the plug-and-play modular interior design solution allows for the home to be reconfigured with minimal disruption, at lower cost, with zero wasted material to reflect the evolving needs of the occupier. Every component is tagged and tracked from manufacture and using an open source approach supports an online marketplace where components can be traded as part of a circular economy.

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