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David Bent

Strategy adviser, futurist, facilitator

David is passionate about playing his part in the generation that enacts a sustainable footing. Until 2016, David worked at Forum for the Future, an independent non-profit working globally to solve complex sustainability challenges, most recently as Director of Sustainable Business. He advised dozens of companies in the UK, USA and India on how they can be more successful by creating a sustainable future. Often that involved using futures techniques, such as scenario planning. He remains a contributing Affiliate.

Now independent, David is working at the frontier of shaping economic transformation, including: the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL, with a global programme on ’the practice of economic transformation for global prosperity’; developing a ‘Gigatonne Lab’ to accelerate a rapid transition to a zero carbon world; as a Practice Advisor at the International Futures Forum, fostering practical hope and wise initiative in challenging circumstances; and, as Chair of EIRIS Foundation, helping responsible investors make a difference.