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Susannah McClintock, Investment Director, Sustainable Ventures

At Sustainable Ventures Susannah leads investment and accelerator activities for early-early stage start-ups. Susannah holds more than 20 years’ experience in start-up development and finance. Prior to Sustainable Ventures, Susannah held cleantech finance and operations roles at Tamar Energy, where she worked on anaerobic digestion projects, and Carbon Trust Enterprises, where she successfully created a low carbon property fund. Susannah has also worked as a venture capitalist for Impax Asset Management, a private equity fund dedicated to changing resource economics, and as an International Manager at HSBC Bank Plc.

Susannah is passionate about business models which aim to maximise the use of funds and resources to create sustainable enterprises that achieve specific environmental or social outcome; she holds Board and Trustee positions for both start-ups and charities focussed on environmental and social outcomes.