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2019 Game-Changer Prize Winner:

Loowatt has developed a waterless flush toilet and sanitation solution for global markets. Our technology has provided a great toilet experience to 250,000+ customers. We offer the marvel of a flush toilet without the water, capturing waste for value-generating treatment. We have proudly processed >300 tons of waste in utility-run facilities that generate energy.

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PRESS RELEASE: Waterless toilet innovators Loowatt win Game-Changer Prize at Cleantech Innovate 2019


Runner Up: Shelter



AirEx is a smart ventilation control (‘intelligent air-brick’) that reduces heat demand in homes without compromising damp and indoor air quality. It uses AI to predict occupants’ behaviour and weather patterns. It can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption and it pays back in 2-4 years through reduced energy bills.

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Runner Up: Energy


Oxford PV

Our lives are becoming electrified. Photovoltaics have a major part to play in providing a sustainable supply of clean, low-cost electricity. Key to enabling photovoltaics to become a core technology in an all-electric future, is perovskite. Our perovskite solar cell technology will enable mainstream solar to break its performance limits.

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Runner Up: Food



Game-changing technology to grow high quality staple food crops almost anywhere globally with minimum inputs (eg 5% water consumption) and maximum yields (circa 20-fold). It is a smart, soil-less system that feeds roots with nutrient rich fog, overcoming the limitations & challenges of current farming to meet expected food shortages/demand.

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Runner Up: Transport



Signol is a new scalable software which uses smarter employee feedback to cut fuel waste and greenhouse gas emissions whilst improving job satisfaction. Signol builds upon our world-class behavioural science research where we saved Virgin Atlantic Airways $5.5m in 8 months and demonstrated the lowest ever abatement cost for carbon.

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Highly Commended: Transport


Addionics Ltd

Unique new types of battery electrodes are fabricated by Addionics. These are three-dimensional and designed to improve battery capacity, energy density, power, cycle-life, heat dissipation and safety which would offer significant advantage to existing battery technology and that produced in the UK

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